express disapproval

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But Washington is now left in a bit of a quandary -- how can it express disapproval of Russian military support for the fight against ISIS when it too is spearheading a coalition against the extremist group in both Syria and Iraq?
MHP deputy Mehmet E[currency]andyr told Today's Zaman that perhaps Ala inadvertently made those statements as it constitutes a crime to express disapproval of the Constitution.
John was impressed with the scope's portability, and though he didn't express disapproval of the truss design, he never made one himself.
First, the legal proceedings could take a very long time to be concluded, during which time Demetriades would continue to perform his duties inadequately to the detriment of the banking sector; second, the legal battle would prolong instability and the uncertainty over the future of the Bank of Cyprus; third, the ECB may express disapproval and apply pressure on the president not to take action; fourth, the state may lose the case.
Mr Morgan said the documents also "appear to express disapproval of the Royal Family".
He does not see civil disobedience as the way to express disapproval of the draft.
In contrast, the SP and the BSP have desisted crossing the Rubicon the way Mamata did to express disapproval of the Congress's reforms push.
Meanwhile, Hologic's share prices have dropped 10 percent as traders express disapproval of the high buying price for Gen-Probe.
I can only hope that the court and the Bar will press ahead with further civility measures, including ones based in the rules, and that each of us, when encountering incivility in our profession, takes the personal responsibility to express disapproval of such conduct (respectfully, of course).
Pakistan and Afghanistan are the only countries surveyed where a majority express disapproval of U.
Labour leadership candidate Ed Balls, who comes in for some harsh criticism from Blair in his book, later said that throwing eggs was not the best way to express disapproval of the former PM.
Everyone is entitled to their opinion and to express disapproval if they don't like what they see around them.