express permission

References in classic literature ?
except in my master's presence, and by my master's express permission.
he said, seeing Sir Charles's disturbed look, and turning to her for express permission.
Nothing would be more easy," said the captain of a vessel ready to set sail, "but this morning came an order to let no one leave without express permission from the cardinal.
First of all, I wish you to understand that nothing I tell you now is to be repeated in any public way unless you have my express permission.
I am directed to refer to the captioned subject and to state that the home minister has been pleased to issue policy guidelines that henceforth no officer belonging to the two attached departments falling within his ministerial competence - the Sindh police and Civil Defence - would directly or indirectly contact or respond to any foreign mission or an officer or any institution under their functional domain unless express permission has been sought in advance from the home minister clearly indicating the purpose of such contact or the response as the case may be,' reads the notification.
But following a backlash over privacy concerns, iRobot has reiterated that it would only share data with the express permission of its customers.
Such permission involves a complex process involving two levels of courts and requiring the express permission of the President of the High Rabbinical Court.
The proposed civil penalty order settling the FTCs charges bars the defendants from violating the TSR by making outbound telemarketing calls to consumers on the national DNC Registry unless they meet certain requirements, making telemarketing calls to consumers who have asked them not to call again, and making pre-recorded telemarketing robocalls to consumers unless they have their express permission to do so.
From 1 January 2017, the RNLI will only contact individuals by post, email or phone if they have given their express permission.
All information will be treated confidentially and will only be included in published form with the express permission of the provider.
My own two daughters achieved certificates relating to 100% attendance for each of 12 years or so, broken only in the year when we visited India (a 10-day extension to the Christmas holidays, for which we had express permission from their head teachers.
Last month, Justice Minister Heiko Maas called for tighter controls on the BND after reports that its spies had targeted embassies of allied countries without the government's express permission.