express permission

References in classic literature ?
except in my master's presence, and by my master's express permission.
he said, seeing Sir Charles's disturbed look, and turning to her for express permission.
Nothing would be more easy," said the captain of a vessel ready to set sail, "but this morning came an order to let no one leave without express permission from the cardinal.
First of all, I wish you to understand that nothing I tell you now is to be repeated in any public way unless you have my express permission.
Last month, Justice Minister Heiko Maas called for tighter controls on the BND after reports that its spies had targeted embassies of allied countries without the government's express permission.
The CustomerCount Express Permission uses the proven CustomerCount online stable platform to reach out to existing customers to gain their express permission to call, satisfying the TCPA requirements.
Federal secretary Lee Thomas said it was outrageous that, under the Act, nurses, midwives and other health professionals, who publicly highlighted their concerns about conditions in detention centres without the express permission of the Immigration Minister, could be jailed for two years.
Personally I don't believe any government has the right to assert any authority over anyone's body, without their express permission.
Customers can set a limit on dat ausage from April after which the service is ended without their express permission for the purchase of additional data.
When you purchase digital content you have 14 days to return the content, unless you give your express permission to waive these rights.
A Huddersfield mum, whose daughter turned 18 during her treatment, said: "As a parent you can be completely excluded and have no idea what is going on, unless your child gives express permission.
In Belgium a third of nurses polled who carried out euthanasia admitted having done so without the express permission of the people ending their lives.