expressed concisely

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The beauty of the GAS framework is that the computation is expressed concisely, in a massively vertex parallel fashion that is portable and amenable to optimization by the underlying GAS engine.
Expressed concisely, Kelly's basic argument convinces us that the changes in the church attributed to the council were well underway years prior to the council in the lives of the Catholic laity.
Strizich's Aphorisms (1985) consists of ten brief statements (about a minute each) for solo alto recorder, all-in-all more declamatory than lyrical, which is only appropriate since an aphorism is a maxim or truth, expressed concisely. The writing is idiomatic for the instrument, though the composer calls for notes that are really beyond the alto recorder's effective upper register (f[sharp][triple prime], g[sharp][triple prime], a[triple prime]).
Moreover, as Erasmus complains to the young Archduke Ferdinand, since "it is the paraphrast's business to set forth at greater length what has been expressed concisely, it was equally impossible for me to observe the limits of time" in the composition of the Paraphrase on John.(42) Laying out the abundance of meaning and the richness of Christ's discourse on that last night seemed inevitably to misrepresent the time frame of the narrative.