expressed desire

See: request
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Fouquet did even better still; he certainly, in obedience to the king's expressed desire, seated himself at the table, but as soon as the soups were served, he arose and personally waited on the king, while Madame Fouquet stood behind the queen-mother's armchair.
The Story Girl here flew out to defend her pet, and we four boys sat on, miserably conscious of Great-aunt Eliza, who never said a word to us, despite her previously expressed desire to become acquainted with us.
childless, it was his openly expressed desire that the
28 (SUNA) - The Turkish State has expressed desire to invest in the fields of gas and oil in Sudan .
Some lawyers expressed desire to work through the system of state-guaranteed legal aid.
She said Nawaz and Obama expressed desire to expand bilateral relationship in trade and investment, education, science and technology, efficient and affordable energy, economic growth, regional integration, strengthen people-to-people and cultural ties.
In the criminal complaint, Jaelyn Young, 20, and Muhammad Dakhlalla, 22, went under investigation in May when the defendants expressed desire to travel to Syria to join ISIL and made supportive statements about the terrorist group.
The Ambassador expressed desire to cooperate with the Ministry in providing technology equipment and computers to the Ministry.
Minister Daraji stated that the World Bank expressed desire to assist in this project by finding donating banks, including the Saudi Islamic Bank.
The commanders of the Jordanian and Iraqi armies expressed desire in boosting bilateral military cooperation as the US troops prepared to leave the neighboring violence-torn country, according to the official Petra news agency.
Baghdad / NINA /-- Spoke person for Iraqiya slate Maysson- Damluji said "a number of National Alliance's members expressed desire and willingness to sign the request of Iyad Allawi,to questioning PM .
According to reports, Musharraf expressed desire for smoking but the doctors did not allow him to do so as he was not well enough and still admitted in the CCU.