expressed indirectly

See: implied
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Phay Siphan, spokesman for the Council of Ministers, told Kyodo News 14 military attaches will be taken to the temple despite concerns expressed indirectly by Thailand.
Instead, prejudice toward persons of color is expressed indirectly through the thematic treatment of persecution against Jews.
The themes of identity and sexuality around which his work has circled over the past decade tend to be expressed indirectly through a fascination with the mechanics of display, the manipulation of atmosphere and ambience, and the establishment of scenarios that are at once controlled and permissive.
These feelings may be expressed indirectly in the counseling relationship as detachment, distancing (physically and emotionally), denial of the client's reality and his or her experience of that reality, blaming, behaving unpredictably, becoming overly controlling, not investing in the client, becoming self-protective, and maintaining strong boundaries.
She felt that "her intimate obsessions" could best be expressed indirectly through fiction, and she admired writers for "their transformational rather than for their representational qualities.