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If words had the capacity to convey figurative (58) and "suggested" meanings, in addition to their own denoted meanings, there would be no way to explain the sequence in which these meanings are invariably arrived at; one always comes to understand the implied or "suggested" meaning of an expression only after one has understood its directly expressed meaning.
This real-life information request prompts DR-LINK's natural language-processing system to identify and relevance-rank the documents that best grasp the subtlety of the question, extracting implied and expressed meaning at the conceptual level.
The claim is that frequently expressed meanings tend to be expressed by short forms, not only at the level of words, but also throughout the grammars of languages around the world (form-frequency correspondences).
They lifted pictures of His Majesty the Sultan, Sultanate's flags and banners that expressed meanings of loyalty and respect to the builder of the blessed renaissance; His Majesty the Sultan and allegiance for the developmental achievements that covered all parts of the Sultanate and all fields.
The study, titled "Adolescents' Expressed Meanings of Music in and out of School," was based on responses by 1,155 teens who submitted student essays to Teen People magazine as part of an Online contest.
We can serve as models of talking about art, so that children will talk as readily about shapes, colors, symbols and expressed meanings as they do about their smocks.
During the march, the people expressed meanings of love and loyalty for the builder of the blessed renaissance and feelings of gratitude for the development achievements that covered various fields, carrying the photos of His Majesty, the Sultanate's flag and the placards that express feelings of loyalty.