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Serageldin holds out other forms of hope, for in Islam 'all that is not expressedly forbidden is allowed';(7) in other words, he argues, public interest can be judged to be 'justification for changing the past forms and coping with an ever-changing present and future'.
Programmes mounted by NGOs and others are expressedly for the purposes of helping countries whom, for whatever reasons, are not in a favourable position to help themselves.
The founder had expressedly requested that his relatives be required no dowry to enter the convent, and Ursula, who was his great niece, entered the year it opened.
In keeping with the more expressedly fictional and more geographically circumscribed subtitle, Brown preserved most of his original denunciation of the immorality of Southern slaveholders that characterized the sentimental plot of Clotel, but voiced his criticism of Northern prejudice more mildly.
Another important finding mentioned by the author is that "although some muslims give religious reasons for not controlling fertility, their approval and participation in the family planning programme shows that religion is not expressedly opposed to it.
The line of credit is expressedly authorized for financing working capital, capital expenditures, acquisitions and letters of credit.