expressing disdain

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Its grievances with Ko include expressing admiration for late Chinese leaders Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping and expressing disdain for Taiwan government's promotion of transitional justice.
The occupied Valley was reverberating with slogans and chants of 'Go Modi Go...' expressing disdain and anger by the majority Muslims of Jammu and Kashmir continuing to be tyrannized by Indian armed forces.
Homebase could see some resistance from landlords to the CVA, with the property industry expressing disdain for the procedure, saying it leaves them out-of-pocket.
In August, 2016, the German television station, ARD, broadcast an intelligence report charging that Turkey "has become a hotbed for radical elements in the Middle East." Last November, the German Foreign Ministry summoned the Turkish envoy, expressing disdain "with the status of democratic values in Turkey." The protest came against backdrop of detention of a number of opposition activists.
Nonetheless, that has not stopped him from expressing disdain for his own justice department, or from seeking to use the judicial process as a means of retaliating against political opponents.
"Multiculturalism is a self-destructive ideology," he said, expressing disdain for Norway s generous immigration policy.
Washington, may 25 (ANI): Sarah Palin's staff has given her a headache by expressing disdain for some conservative personalities and even criticizing her daughter on the social networking site Twitter.
Expressing disdain for the civilian leadership, Gen.
Lacking actual case law supporting her legal theory, she cited the animated cartoon "South Park" as proof that feces is a common means of expressing disdain.
Hertsgaard expresses skepticism about the evidence uncovered by my House Judiciary Committee staff and others regarding the deliberate disenfranchisement of voters in Ohio, while expressing disdain for the "know-it-all" tone of skeptics.
Count me among this second group for whom expressing disdain for a man who showed the kind of courage that is beyond our conception would be the cruellest form of criticism.
The night of splendour was recorded in a glossy monograph with inscriptions such as `Our Congratulations to One of the Century's Most Extraordinary Individuals', endorsed by companies whose executives are on record as expressing disdain for the man.