expression of choice

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Really, really, ridiculously good-looking In the 15 years since the first Zoolander came out, the preposterous Blue Steel pout that was a running joke of the film has become the totally unironic facial expression of choice for all selfie-taking celebrities - like Cheryl.
Ever since I could manage a smile, I've been encouraged to make that the facial expression of choice when there's a camera in my face.
However, the report added, "Sometimes the movement is not an expression of choice but due to constraints.
When it comes to celebrating the holiday season - be it Christmas, Hanukkah or New Year's - many homeowners' expression of choice is lights.
In Japan, where technology is readily available, DJ'ing has become the expression of choice for Japanese youth.
But I am told it was the expression of choice from Sir Albert Bore at a sombre gathering of Labour councillors following their recent setback at the local elections.
In Venice in June 1521 the p atriarch obtained a brief from the pope decreeing that observant vice-abbesses at reformed convents were automatically to become abbess on the death of the conventual abbess; there was to be no election and no expression of choice on the part of the nuns.
Not only words but also gestures become subject to slippage; and often gestures (in themselves a comment on the need for supplements to words) remain the expression of choice for those who have no access to the "master language," Beloved, who returns from the dead, relies heavily upon gesture to supplement her words.
CLIFTONVILLE'S expression of choice as they left Windsor Park on Saturday was a rueful puff of the cheeks and weary shake of the head.