expression of disapproval

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It's a tried and true expression of disapproval and social comment.
It was an expression of disapproval of Iran's rights record," Norway's UN ambassador, Morten Wetland, told the AFP news agency.
Cluck: To make the low interrupted noise that a chicken makes; an informal expression of disapproval or other emotion by making a short sharp sound with your tongue, e.
Those unversed in Biblical history may be stunned by such events as the rape of Jacob's daughter Dinah and the subsequent slaughter visited in revenge upon the local inhabitants by Jacob's sons (with nary an expression of disapproval from God); those who know this story well may nevertheless be surprised by Crumb's depiction of both horrific events in graphic detail.
I am sure there was a cryptic expression of disapproval in his wheeze.
With the open expression of disapproval of the extremist "Salafi" attempted unsuccessful inroads into the independent staunchly Zeidi region of Sa'ada (all the former suspicious Salafi "orientation" camps that were in the Sa'ada region have now been removed by the Huthis, to the relief of the residents of the Governorate), the Saudis were not predisposed to accept the strong political (and military) presence of such anti-Saudi (whether in their religious or political manifestations) sentiment to their South.
SPANKING, AND CORPORAL PUNISHMENT in general, should be used only as a nonverbal expression of disapproval when its verbal expression is either ineffective (as with small children) or when it is wilfully ignored (as with many juvenile delinquents--and with the judges who let them get away with it).
The law's history reveals that it was a direct expression of disapproval of gays in general.
He was smoking, and as he tossed away his cigarette, he laughed at my undisguised expression of disapproval.
His impeachment notwithstanding, advocates of censure fear that without a formal expression of disapproval, their sense of outrage over his behavior will never be properly expressed.
In the April/May 1996 issue of LawNow, our family law columnist, Rosemarie Boll, wrote about the Parental Alienation Syndrome, in which one parent consciously or subconsciously, alienates a child from the other parent through the expression of disapproval, criticism or denigration.
Morsi's other presidential advisor from the Al-Nour Party, advisor for political affairs Bessam Al-Zarqa, resigned on Monday in an expression of disapproval of and solidarity with Alam Eddin's departure.