expression of disapproval

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It was meant as criticism, an expression of disapproval.
Duterte's earlier expression of disapproval appeared to have been a joke, since he let out a hearty laugh when he learned that the American TV host-comedian was again being tapped as emcee of the international beauty contest after his epic blunder in announcing the wrong winner last year.
Over the past year, the Israeli government and other organizations have conducted a campaign against any expression of disapproval of the Israeli occupation of Palestine, its crimes and its racist policies.
If the jury found the crowd was a mere demonstration, a mere concourse of people who had been attracted to Bethesda by the unusual event of 40-60 policemen being there it was nothing but mere curiosity on the part of the crowd in the first instance, and nothing but an expression of disapproval on the part of the men at the conduct of those who had previously been with them but who had left them, then he should say, subject to any ruling of the judge, that no offence had been committed.
This is more of a rhetorical question, because the answer is well known, but it is proposed here as an expression of disapproval, and nothing more.
Japan's prime minister recently angered China and drew a rare US expression of disapproval for visiting a controversial war shrine in Tokyo.
It's a tried and true expression of disapproval and social comment.
It was an expression of disapproval of Iran's rights record," Norway's UN ambassador, Morten Wetland, told the AFP news agency.
Cluck: To make the low interrupted noise that a chicken makes; an informal expression of disapproval or other emotion by making a short sharp sound with your tongue, e.
Those unversed in Biblical history may be stunned by such events as the rape of Jacob's daughter Dinah and the subsequent slaughter visited in revenge upon the local inhabitants by Jacob's sons (with nary an expression of disapproval from God); those who know this story well may nevertheless be surprised by Crumb's depiction of both horrific events in graphic detail.
Then it would take two-thirds majorities in both Houses of Congress to effectuate the Congress' expression of disapproval.
I am sure there was a cryptic expression of disapproval in his wheeze.