expression of grief

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The same grave expression of grief, the same rigid silence, and the same deference to the principal mourner, were observed around the place of interment as have been already described.
Vahakangas believes that the expression of grief in Finland is still profoundly Lutheran in its form.
Her collection called 'A Long Way Home' was an expression of grief.
"Under this proclamation, the people of Texas are encouraged to gather, assemble, and pay their respects to the memory of George Herbert Walker Bush through ceremonies in homes, businesses, public buildings, schools, places of worship, or other appropriate places for public expression of grief and remembrance," Abbott said in a statement.
President Abdel-Fatah Al-Sisi called on the audience at the opening of the World Youth Forum's Theater, to stand up for a minute as an expression of grief for the attack's victims -- Courtesy of President Sisi's Twitter Account CAIRO -- 2 November 2018: Both ministers of social solidarity, and health and population suspended their participation in the World Youth Forum in Sharm El-Sheikh, and headed to Minya governorate to visit the victims of the terrorist incident took place Friday.
True that the Zainab incident was gruesome and called for expression of mass anger and a massive public expression of grief. But was it the only one?
This collective expression of grief and solidarity was captured by photographer Paul Fusco.
Wilier has continued the tradition, and sees the service as an important expression of grief. "The service is very important, as it gives them [attendees] permission to grieve openly, offers hope and comfort--consolation that they are not alone in their grief--and that others care, most especially Christ."
Obunay's subtle expression of grief at the sight of Dawin returning with their dead child, the tears falling wordlessly from her eyes, provides the film's first moving moment.
The convergent validity of Grief Scale was well established as it depicts the significance of local tool as there is huge discrepancy in cultural expression of grief. Similarly, the result of discriminant validity further strengthens the self constructed Grief Scale.
In the program notes, the artist describes his work as an expression of grief for a deceased relative.
In their first public expression of grief for their son, they told of their "year of horror and fear, without rest, of speechlessness and despair and unexpressed mourning".