expression of grief

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The same grave expression of grief, the same rigid silence, and the same deference to the principal mourner, were observed around the place of interment as have been already described.
This is in contrast with the views of Tony Blair and Diana's ex-husband, Prince Charles, who favor the general public's desire for an official expression of grief.
The 14th-century wooden Pieta (Provinzialmuseum, Bonn), with its profound expression of grief and exaggerated realism, has a modern quality that foreshadows 20th century German Expressionism.
For a truly moving and genuine expression of grief and sorrow, set out in stark and concise terms, we should turn to our very own Cardiff poet, Dannie Abse.
The song, ultimately, has been an expression of grief two friends shared for the city they love and for the tragedies that occurred there last April 15.
A tangible expression of grief often appears at the location.
Islamabad -- The National Assembly, Friday, started its proceedings violating the set parliamentary traditions as neither Fateha was offered for deceased MPs nor session was adjourned as expression of grief.
Military brass rubbed shoulders with civilians, as did the young and old, in a joint expression of grief under a brief spell of sunshine.
Men and little children wearing shrouds as an expression of grief at the death of Hussein soon had attire all covered with blood.
Support can be found in many environments outside of work, but a supportive work environment that allows safe expression of grief and other emotions is key to deterring burnout.
Summary: At least 100,000 people rallied in Oslo and tens of thousands more marched in cities across Norway Monday in a nationwide expression of grief and unity over the massacre of 76 people by Anders Behring Breivik.