expression of views

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It also is overly broad in prohibiting expression of views that are entitled to constitutional protection, they say.
He referred to Le Drian's claims of talks with Iran on the latter's missile program, and said expression of views is completely different from negotiations that could bring up a deal like the 2015 nuclear agreement.
The Secretary (or Additional/Joint Secretary Incharge) should endeavour to convene meetings of all officers in the Ministry/Division and Heads of Departments once a month and at any rate, once every quarter, to discuss important pending cases, specific problems calling for general expression of views or exchange of ideas and questions of general interest concerning the Division as a whole.
In answer to the question as to whether the national consultation could have any effect on the EUs asylum policy, Mr Bakondi said: there is no doubt that such an overwhelmingly concordant expression of views that is not merely based on opinion polls helps and also binds the Hungarian Government in its efforts to resist the exertion of political pressure.
They said political parties bring people's together to form government, develop policies and provide a comprehensive mechanism for an organised expression of views on vital questions of national importance and recommended inclusion of the role and functions of political parties and parliamentary democracy in school curriculum imperative for strengthening of democratic system at the grassroots level.
On the other hand, 22% believe colleges should create positive learning environments for all students by prohibiting speech or the expression of views that are offensive to certain groups.
As a candidate for president he stands out with the success he has made so far, as well as with his direct expression of views.
We believe that the values of the Eisteddfod and Ignite are similar, namely to promote the expression of views and discussion, and we are looking forward to a slightly different night on the Maes.
We welcome the expression of views by Pope Francis, Turkish and Armenian historians, and the many others who have sought to shed light on this dark chapter of history," Obama said.
You have no right to seek to oppress the expression of views that might be opposed to your own and that might even be regarded as offensive.
Participants will have the opportunity to learn and develop their skills with a digital camera, including developing an understanding of composition and expression of views through photography.
Some people hate other people, and technology amplifies the expression of views that (at least since the end of World War II) were mostly whispered in private or shouted at rallies of ineffectual political movements (see "Free Speech in the Era of Its Technological Amplification," March/April 2013).