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Under her husband's expressionless stare, and remembering her mother's empty room across the landing, she felt an acute pang of loneliness.
He stated facts just as they had occurred, without embellishment, his voice as expressionless as his face, and his story was received in the same manner that it was delivered.
As the trailer unfolds, Sandhu can be seen wheelchair-bound, ill, and expressionless.
Gazing from a window the train criss-crosses along its tracks, Birds emerge from dawn's early flight, expressionless faces Digest yesterday's news, a vista appears of architectural delight, Rain tumbles umbrellas put up with an anarchist frown as we Depart from the warmth like sardines in a tin, he sits on a shimmering Street, a torn cup in hand and dog at his feet, trees glisten with marzipan Treats, heads bowed caught up in a world which isn't their own, mobiles Jingle as lovers mingle, day or night it's a city that never sleeps.
When I remained expressionless, he asked me pompously, 'Oh, you are one of the feminists, aren't you?
Elliott remained completely expressionless when he was given the prison term.
Wannabe Prime Minister and resident court jester, Boris Johnson, famously described his PS250,000 "wage", from one of his three jobs, as "chicken-feed" and, of course, the expressionless and former discredited education secretary, Michael Gove has just one burning ambition - to sell off the NHS.
EXPRESSIONLESS and unmoved, Brian Wilson spent the entire night sitting at his piano, often not playing, sometimes missing his cue and occasionally forgetting lyrics.
The commuter, seated at the front-passenger seat of a public utility jeepney, appeared to have an expressionless face with eyes looking down while waiting for the vehicle to move forward.
A return to being separated or alone (5) 25 Movie star Michael appears from a loud gas explosion (7) 26 The blank, expressionless face of the panda Ed roused (7) 27 A young girl with a ring for a bronco catcher (5)
That actor Stephen Wight should wring a tender portrait of a troubled man out of such crass writing, surrounded by ill-conceived tech and opposite the expressionless void of co-star Dianna Agron ("Glee"), is nothing short of a marvel.
Expressionless like a shop store mannequin; I stumble over a couple of jokes; I'm aware of this woman's strange gaze.