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At times her fingers played in the matted hair of the dead, and at others they lightly attempted to smooth the painfully expressive muscles of its ghastly visage, as the hand of the mother is seen lingering fondly about the features of her sleeping child.
Nature-Based Expressive Arts Therapy: Integrating the Expressive Arts and Ecotherapy
In turn, this recovery of arts and crafts interventions has led to an increased interest in the evidentiary base for the inclusion of expressive art in occupational therapy practice.
1) Patients who participate in expressive writing also have demonstrated improvements in distress, negative affect, depression, and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms.
The research published online in the journal Psychophysiology provides the first neural evidence for the benefits of expressive writing, said lead author Hans Schroder, a doctoral student in psychology at Michigan State University (MSU) in the US.
Among those children who recalled and correctly used at least one of the target vocabulary words during the immediate retelling of the story, the total number used was greater for those who listened to the expressive robot than for those who listened to the flat one.
For people going through a divorce, a technique called narrative expressive writingnot just writing about their emotions, but creating a meaningful narrative of their experiencemay reduce the harmful cardiovascular effects of stress related to marital separation, reports a study in Psychosomatic Medicine: Journal of Biobehavioral Medicine, the official journal of the American Psychosomatic Society.
The study showed that for each 30-minute increase in hand-held screen time, there was a 49 per cent increased risk of expressive speech delay.
H3: Consumers' perceived inner self expressive value of purchasing luxury brands is greater when COB image is favorable.
The uniquely expressive exterior of the new Q30 creates a visual dynamism for the newest premium compact in the segment.
Meir Statman, the researcher and professor of finance at Santa Clara University, wrote that investments offer "three kinds of benefits: utilitarian, expressive, and emotional.
More recently, legal scholars have recognized expressive effects as a third mechanism by which law influences behavior.