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The teachers were interviewed with questions exploring their teaching philosophy, what strategies and techniques they used in the lessons and how they taught their students to play expressively.
While the men did not always act out their parts as expressively as the women, the entire ensemble - under the skillful stage direction of Francine Harman - were in very good voice for their respective roles.
We heard wonderful dynamic effects and there was also some first class solo or small ensemble string playing, such as a quartet in the early states of Wiener Blut and an expressively drawn out cello interlude in the Emperor Waltz.
The all-new Chevrolet Cruze raises the bar in the Middle East's compact segment with its expressively styled exterior, best-in-class interior, build quality and safety features.
If you haven't made the choice of engaging the arms expressively, the dance looks static.
The album 'Distant Morning Star' is full of words that are mastered into the cultural feeling of musical expression, one being 'Northern Lights', which to me has personally opened my mind more expressively to capturing the spiritual beauty of our northern lights.
Small group instruction enhanced tier 1 content by adding more opportunities to learn and expressively use vocabulary in text-based discourse.
avoids politics; its real power is in its images of waterlogged cityscapes and its characters' expressively rendered faces, streaming with sweat and contorted in anguish.
As the last assignment they are asked to expressively recite a piece of a literary work.
Their exhibits expressively highlighted tomorrow's trends, featuring new materials and creative designs, including the latest colors and patterns.
of Winchester), and while most were of a prescribed duration and celebrated at existing altars, some were perpetual and chapels were built expressively for them, typically within the founder's home parish church.