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The expression of "solemn or religious dignity" (Laban 192) is usually symmetrical, whereas confusion or inner tension, emotional outburst is often expressed through asymmetry: "a chaotic play of fancy movements" (Laban 190) and the structuring of the choreographic space into basic, respectively derived directions arises also from the expressivity of asymmetry (Laban 192).
Therefore, in these studies, the number and the expressivity of morphologic features were improperly considered as a measure of the biologic potential; that is, tumor parameters valid for the diagnosis were improperly used to establish the degree of the potential risk and, consequently, the prognosis of patients.
Part 2 deals with the intersection of structure and expressivity in Brahms's texted works.
While this work raises doubts about the material infrastructures of nationalism, the tidy formalism of the politics sits uneasily with Koudelka's practice as a whole, which draws its expressivity from incongruities.
In this respect, the two terms expressivity and efficiency have been much used in recent years (cf.
causal links) are capable of stretching the relationship between source and target, the successful nonroutine processing of which establishes an effect of expressivity.
From DFNB2 to Usher syndrome: variable expressivity of the same disease.
The eccentrics loved vaudeville, advertisements, and machines; "the 200 volumes of German expressionism," they wrote, "do not offer the expressivity of one sole circus poster.
I find this, and many other passages in the book, to be admirable in the synthesis of several salient aspects of twentieth-century Italian literature (in this case, plurilinguism, realism, and orality), a synthesis that takes off from the specificity of Gadda's text but which opens out onto a wide panorama of many subsequent writers as well as onto the more close-up issue of style and expressivity.
20) This is not to say that Fox strips away the particularity of the community organized around Ann's Place--and the music that is played and danced to and listened to there--to reveal some kernel of pure working-class expressivity.
This paper focuses on complex situational activity diagrams enhancing the expressivity by refining at the abstraction levels.
Right from the declamatory opening, the Berlin Philharmonic under Rattle is incisive and responsive, reinforcing the expressivity and subtlety of Pahud's gloriously warm, focussed and fluid sound, so that together the players give a graphic and high energy account of the Concerto's rapidly shifting (wayward, some would say) moods.