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The government had granted a license to both the firms for endowing in the expressway.
MDX is committed to the safety of the motorists who use our expressways," said MDX Executive Director Javier Rodriguez, P.
ii) the toll collection rights period of Changhua to Yulingguan of the Hanghui Expressway shall be commencing on 26 December 2004 and ending on 25 December 2029;
Of the 18 km stretch, about 14 km of the expressway has already been constructed.
5-km Fujiyoshida Line connects the main Chuo Expressway with the city of Fujiyoshida from which some national highways lead to areas to the west of the Sasago Tunnel.
Expressway Plaza features six points of entry, a dedicated left turn at the Richmond Avenue entrance traffic light; and a parking ratio of over six cars per 1,000 s/f.
The Central Luzon Expressway will extend from Metro Manila and end up in Cagayan Valley in the north.
After general elections, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) soon after coming into power in the Punjab announced to abolish the project and start another project, the Elevated Expressway to be built over Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Road (Murree Road) from Flashman's Hotel to Faizabad.
Wang Shui, chairman of Anhui Expressway, said, 'We are delighted to work with The Bank of New York Mellon as depositary for our ADR programme.
PUNE: After keeping a low profile for three years, armed robbers who created terror by laying huge stones on the six-lane prestigious Mumbai-Pune Expressway forcing drivers to halt their vehicles and then robbing them of their valuables and money, have once again become active.
The plan to create a new highway by-pass or expressway has been on the MTO's books since the 1960's.
The 50-mile M6 Expressway would have been too expensive and require too much land, said transport minister Stephen Ladyman.