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his land put there by Israeli authorities informing him of their intentions to expropriate
While the federal government can expropriate land, (Expropriation Act, RSC 1985) most expropriations come under provincial legislation.
ANKARA, Jun 18, 2010 (TUR) -- Turkey will expropriate a hotel in central Anatolia, where 37 people were burnt to death.
In the complaint, World GTL Inc says Petrotrin executed its secret plan to expropriate the plant with the full knowledge and consent of the Trinidad Government.
It is not permissible to act under Jordanian Law to expropriate land in Judea and Samaria.
In a statement he said, 'If something similar comes to pass in Venezuela, you should not have the slightest doubt that I won't give a penny to the banks - I'll expropriate them.
In a fiercely contested referendum on Sunday, voters said "No" to a raft of reforms that would have scrapped term limits on Chavez's rule, boosted his powers to expropriate private property and allowed him to censor the media in emergencies.
It is clear to me that the members of our City Council are driven to expropriate any political power from the citizens of our city.
In Argentina, workers use eminent domain, the law that allows the government to seize homes blocking highway construction or to expropriate abandoned factories.
He said that ministering in a war zone means dealing with massacres of innocent civilians, helping people made homeless by the fighting and reversing hard-tine opposition to negotiations by rival armed groups Fighting in northwestern Colombia is forcing people to flee that mineral- and soil-rich region, making it easier for the government to expropriate land because it does not have to negotiate indemnity agreements with the African-Colombians and indigenous communities who are the main inhabitants of the region, the bishop said.
Backed by the panel's view, the prefectural government will take steps to expropriate the remaining 3.
taxpayers heavily subsidize these operations and guarantee them against loss, should the Communist government later expropriate their facilities; the U.