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Earlier this year, in a bid to minimise wasteful spending, the cabinet decided to record all properties that have been expropriated by the state but have not been used within three years.
The Swedish court decision rejecting Russia's jurisdictional challenge comes on the heels of a July 18 arbitration ruling under the Energy Charter Treaty that also found Russia had expropriated Yukos and ordered it to pay $50 billion in compensation to the company's majority shareholders.
However, it has been seven years since Faraj's land was expropriated and he has yet to receive any compensation, despite the law stipulating that owners should be reimbursed within two months of losing their land.
More than 1,600 properties were expropriated and 614 of them were removed during this stage that was approved a year ago.
According to the legislation, Argentina will take a 51 percent stake in the Spanish-controlled energy company, and YPF shares being expropriated by Argentina will be split between the federal and provincial governments.
1990, a property owner with expropriated land can be compensated for such factors as the fair market value of the land taken, damages arising from the relocation of a business, loss of good will, and disturbance damages.
When the State of Israel was established in 1948, Israel expropriated lands and structures that the Catholic Church had acquired in and around Jerusalem early in the 19th century.
24, 2011 (CENS) -- The government will compensate landlords according to the market prices of their land expropriated for public construction projects, instead of a markup on the government-assessed current value of the land, according to draft revisions to the statute for land expropriation, scheduled to be approved by the Executive Yuan (the Cabinet) tomorrow (Aug.
In a landmark judgment the high court in Pretoria ruled on Thursday that private holders of mineral rights under the former arrangements were entitled to compensation as the mining act had expropriated the holder of property.
Turkey's State Minister Faruk Celik said on Thursday that the Hotel "Madimak" in central province of Sivas would be expropriated.
Many workers on the eastern shores of the lake have protested or gone on hunger strikes to demand jobs promised them after President Hugo Chavez's government expropriated 76 oil services companies on the Maracaibo Lake.
Their properities may be expropriated without recourse, their houses, vineyards and olive trees demolished and uprooted on a moment's notice to make way for new highways, or for Israeli settlements, as is the case on the outskirts of Jerusalem which is constantly expanding.