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Lucia, each measuring over 1,000 square meters, had also been expropriated for this purpose.
Land expropriated for hospitals thus provides broad reaching services for individuals.
In 2004, the country expropriated PIATCO's newly built airport terminal in the capital city of Manila.
The adequate nickels and expropriated gold objects were sent for melting in a Swiss smelting furnace, were turned into functional monetary gold and were then included in the foreign exchange reserves of the Republic of Macedonia.
This is the result of a world where plant seeds have become subject to patents, medical research is overseen by pharmaceutical giants, universities are beholden to corporate funders, and indigenous knowledge is expropriated. The good news is that people are fighting back, working to create spaces where humanity's knowledge can be reclaimed and shared for the public good.
Those plots were located within the boundaries of the Duqm Port project and expropriated in the public interest as per royal decree No 85/2006.
However, ystanbul Bar Association took the issue to the court on the behalf of residents of the village of Ay-acly where the almost 80 percent of the total land would be expropriated. The plenary session of the Council of State's Administrative Case Chambers Committee (DyDDK) ordered a halt, on Oct 22 of last year, on the decision to seize land in the village of Ay-acly.
She said: "He just thinks he can buy Scottish votes with money expropriated from London."
Al-Ghalib said that payments worth an estimated SR30 billion are yet to be made to the owners of lands which were expropriated for expansion projects.
was expropriated. The Second World War saw Merck's Darmstadt headquarters decimated and all of its subsidiaries expropriated.
Faraj Saleh pointing at his land expropriated by the government in Al-Huthaili district, northeast of Sana'a.
The government must follow the law as to what land may be expropriated and must observe the procedures set out in the legislation that generally serve to protect the private landowner.