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If the insurance market cannot be left to make the risk-incentives tradeoff on its own, then what kinds of expropriations should be compensated?
certified claimants, of which I am one, remain uncompensated for these expropriations to this day--as are hundreds of thousands of Cuban-Americans and millions of more people in Cuba itself.
33) NAFTA Chapter 11 and BITs, however, enumerate many additional protections, including the guarantees of "fair and equitable treatment" and compensation for expropriation.
In 2009, food-sector expropriations took a significant leap.
In other words, the FTC could declare that measures tailored to these specified objectives do not constitute expropriations within the meaning of Article 1110.
The contract is for assistance with project management at the administrative and judicial phases of the expropriation procedure and in particular the following services:
Land Expropriation in Israel: Law, Culture, and Society.
There are a large number of empirical articles that attempt to assess the quantitative importance of expropriations and the quality of institutions on FDI inflows.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- The Council of State has issued a stay on a Cabinet decision for immediate expropriation of a tract of land the size of about 20,000 soccer fields for ystanbul's third airport which is under construction in the northern part of the city.
Another reason was to bring the interest rate for expropriations in line with the lower basic interest rates currently being offered by commercial banks, the ministry said.
While the federal government can expropriate land, (Expropriation Act, RSC 1985) most expropriations come under provincial legislation.
nationalizations and expropriations in the Latin American region.