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A guarantee of compensatation for expropriations may help in this regard by forcing governments to pay the costs of their actions.
In this context, no one is taking greater risks than those like me--"partnering" with a regime that, history demonstrates, essentially converted legal expropriations into theft.
38) Both contain investment protection similar to NAFTA Chapter 11 by providing recourse through investor-state arbitration, (39) as well as numerous substantive protections including: national treatment; MFN treatment; "fair and equitable treatment"; and compensation for expropriation.
This article calls attention to the issue of the excessive power given to school boards, and suggests that legislatures must reconsider the statutory power that they have provided to boards through the Expropriations Act and the Education Act.
The contract is the provision of engineering services to the Metropolitan Water Services (Emshi) for managing the expropriation procedures necessary for the execution of construction projects, whose implementation intends to start during the term of contract with the following actions - Management expropriations are initiated in the period of the contract, necessary for the implementation of construction projects to supply Emshi affected.
But while expropriation is allowed under the law, the state cannot just seize property without due process, Sereno said.
The Cabinet issued an immediate expropriation order, which is normally only adopted at times when national security is at stake, on Jan.
Furthermore, this study investigates the extent of expropriation of minority shareholders and the necessity to have a comprehensive code to monitor the firms and control the stakeholders, and also it helps to protect the minority shareholders' rights.
military, one may also ask if these initial expropriations were facilitated by their direct connection to military needs, and helped legitimate later agrarian reform projects unrelated to the military.
The move is intended to ease the burden on the cash-strapped state which has to pay an interest rate on the lump sums owed for expropriations.
This changed with the introduction of the Ontario Expropriations Act (S.