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Krotoszynski, Jr., Expropriatory Intent: Defining the Proper Boundaries
What may seem to a contemporary reader as parochial debates over the technicalities of expropriatory powers, are crucial because they bear on the deeper concern over jurisprudential authority (Cohen, 1965; Radzyner, 2000).
Moldova Award found that "tax measures may also become expropriatory without necessarily being arbitrary or discriminatory, when their application violates a specific obligation that the state has previously undertaken in favor of a particular person or class of persons, such as an investor protected under a treaty." (92) In the same vein, the EnCana v.
On April 16, 2009, four months to the day after the expropriatory ACRAA was enacted, Abitibi filed for bankruptcy protection in both the U.S.
Expropriatory measures--no matter how laudable and beneficial to society as a whole--are, in this respect, similar to any other expropriatory measures that a state may take in order to implement its policies: where property is expropriated, even for environmental purposes, whether domestic or international, the state's obligation to pay compensation remains.
commenced an international arbitration action against the Government of Kyrgyzstan "for its expropriatory and unlawful treatment of the Company in relation to the Kutessay II rare earth project." "Since 2012, the Kyrgyz Government has taken a series of measures making it impossible to carry out activities at Kutessay II.
"This unrest can translate into a variety of political risks for businesses, including expropriatory actions, forced abandonment, forced divestiture, property damage, contract frustration, business interruption, and trade disruption."
(1) Kolko argued that leading business executives, working with their political counterparts, had promoted regulation to tame smaller business rivals and to stave off expropriatory threats from radical, antibusiness political movements.
"Many countries in the past have supported actions from expropriatory regimes, but that does not necessarily mean they will be as naive as to then adopt similar measures in their own countries.
The pure liberalism that has never found roots in the region, or the criollo liberalism that has been experienced by Latin America's poor as punitive, expropriatory, exclusionary, and authoritarian?