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The prosecutor shall not consent to any negotiated disposition involving dismissal or expunction except under extraordinary circumstances, and in any event, the prosecutor must seek a disposition reflecting the gravity of the offense and ensuring reasonable protection of all victims from further violence.
As we have seen, the most recurrent examples of scribal intrusion in the texts analysed are instances of deletion, either by cancellation or expunction.
meaning of expunction varies by state, a generally consistent trend is
The directives also provide that commanders must allow soldiers "a reasonable time to seek expunction of the conviction or pardon" before commanders may initiate adverse action.
1992), "The expunction of process expertise from British management teaching syllabi: a historical analysis" presented at the 1992 annual meeting of the British Academy of Management, Bradford.
She considered smugness(3) to be "the Great Catholic sin"(4) and constantly sought its expunction when she recognized it in herself.
In the review petition, the senior counsel argued that the case stood eclipsed and was destined to be prejudiced if expunction of remarks, reviewing the directions and modification of the findings by revisiting the judgement was not carried out for the safe administration of justice.
In a case of first impression, attorneys in Weils Miami office secured an order from a Florida state court expunging the convictions of a victim of human trafficking under Floridas human trafficking victim expunction statute.
In 2013, the trafficking expunction law passed both the Florida House and Senate unanimously and was signed into law.
Department of Public Safety officials say bills passed in the last few legislative sessions give them the green light to make anyone with a copy of the state's criminal records database pay expunction fees.
In many instances this is not a cause for alarm, but if the client is someone doing business as a federal contractor, or if he or she is a foreign national, sealing verse expunction will make a world of difference to the client.