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Out of sheer curiosity I re-examined 1 Timothy 2:8-15 and was delighted to discover that: (1) the eighth verse is still what it used to be/and which we would all be well advised to ponder); (2) the rest of the passage has not yet been re-written to expurgate Paul's insistent "I," and that (3) Galatians 3:2-28 is, at this point in time, still intact.
The point emphasized by all the authors is that the Catholic Church's attempt to censor and expurgate texts was not limited to heretical theological texts.
Publishers persisted, promising to alter and expurgate everything to the censor's taste.
"Secular humanists are not attempting to 'expurgate' traditional religious beliefs from the public schools.
Donald Friede, who was working for Liveright at the time, probably would have pointed out to Aldington the Barnes-Liveright exercise in asterisks and outrage, since he had helped Barnes expurgate the text.