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If I could not reconstruct a reliable narrative about a life whose traces had not been deliberately eradicated, I determined, the risks associated with reconstructing the life of an author who had been the subject of such cultural expurgation must be many times greater.
Remarkably, the expurgation carries neither the poet's intention-to publish the stanzas intact--nor the fearful publisher's--to remove them from the poem.
For early evangelicals, the expurgation of evil could only be achieved in the individual; attempting to fix an entire social system by fighting slavery, therefore, lacked humility and piety.
Lest there be any misunderstanding, the club reads the plays in their entirety, without editing or expurgation.
The Rockefeller and Ford Foundations rushed to aid the Kinsey Institute, with Gray & Co and other PR firms receiving millions to assure my expurgation from future academic conferences and university professorships and to kill the 1995 federal investigation of Kinsey.
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Democratic societies such as the United States have also seen the common good "give way to the common greed" (Lasley & Biddle, 1996) and the expurgation of a selfless and communal morality.
Without denying the repressive nature and intent of censorship--here referring to both prepublication censorship and to expurgation of passages from previously published books--Raz-Krakotzkin focuses our attention on the role of censorship as a mediating factor between author and reader, assigning to the censor the role of cultural agent In Raz-Krakotzkin's account, the censor takes his place alongside other new professionals such as editors and typesetters.
Of the end of his political career, he acknowledged: "Before its close it was my good fortune to vote in the Senate for the expurgation of slavery from the constitution of the United States, when it had long been a stumbling block to the lovers of liberty.
Aristotelian logic provides the basis to examine the musings of our leaders and funny jokes are the expurgation.
We also know that exactly at this moment where it would be valuable to have documentation of local and plebian variations in usage, "the expurgation of traces of local dialects in both writing and speaking was an imperative of formal education.