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The flashes of lightning and the thundering clouds are like the sound of apocalypse for some; while for some it is nature in its untamed exquisiteness and beauty.
Caught utterly unprepared by the exquisiteness of the scene, Armanoush and Asya stood silently watching the motorboat until all the balloons had disappeared into the horizon.
The book develops neither a sense of the grand scale of the harmony, fecundity, plentitude, utility, spirituality, the vaulting sublime totality, nor of the texture of the plume and tinsel, tapestry, delicacy, exquisiteness, inimitability of the minutiae of the natural world.
THERE SHE WAS, IN ALL OF her exquisiteness, even including that signature mole.
The escalation in exquisiteness is going to keep up its uncontainable growth in 2006 with even more oh-so-sophisticated European Jewelers closing ranks with some unique all-American additions.
But already the exquisiteness of his interpretation brought him to the attention of the noted soprano Montserrat Caballe, who requested that he sang Gennaro alongside her in Donizetti's Lucrezia Borgia.
Much too much stress has been laid on the newness of the new poetry; its newness is simply a return from the jeweled exquisiteness of the eighteen-nineties to the facts and feelings of ordinary life.
He fetishizes his vision of Eugenia, rendering her image utterly sacred and preserving her "impeccable" exquisiteness through adulation.
Even now, at 75, Joyce is radiant in her exquisiteness and is always a joy to be around.
4, A contains a plural oblique without a postposition:</p> <pre> gulphom ki si lalita-sukhama hai gulabom lakhati "A graceful exquisiteness like that of his ankles is visible (in) roses.
Espinosa is a sensualist who lakes time to enjoy the pre-Christmas summer warmth, the sun drenched beach, the sultry Rio nights, the exquisiteness of Kika's navel.
And perhaps, the exquisiteness of her handmade products and her adaptability to client requirements is also what makes her a good entrepreneur.