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Las especies mas abundantes fueron Anaxyrus punctatus, Cophosaurus texanus, Aspidoscelis exsanguis y Aspidoscelis marmorata con 131, 110, 107 y 69 individuos respectivamente.
Saepe color ejus exsanguis, incessus modo citus, modo tardus, prorsus in facie vultuque vecordia inerat, et illis quos multis modis ad se illexerat mala facinora edocebat.]'
exsanguis (Chihuahuan spotted whiptail), an adult and a subadult, in Bosque Farms in the summer of 2013 but only on a single residential gravel driveway.
Representantes de Atta cephalotes, Acromyrmex aspersus y Acropyga exsanguis, se registraron en menos del 5% de las muestras revisadas.
Solo la morte la ferma: labitur exsanguis, labuntur frigida leto / lumina, purpureus quondam color ora reliquit.
The tegus and whiptail lizards (family Teiidae) are mainly South American, but they are represented in North America by eleven species of whiptail lizards in the United States, three of them desert-living species known as the racerunners (Cnemidopho-rus exsanguis, C.
The thermoregulation of the lizards Cnemidophorus exsanguis and Cnemidophorus velox: Some consequences of high body temperature.
Observations on Life History and Predatory Behaviour of Zelus exsanguis (Stal) (Heteroptera -Reduviidae).
In 1984-1985, other common predators included the green lacewing, Chrysoperla rufilabris (Burmeister), the brown lacewings, Micromus posticus (Walker), and Hemerobius stigma (Stephens), the mirid, Deraeocorus nebulosus (Uhler), the reduviids, Zelus exsanguis (Stahl) and Sinea spinipes (Herrich-Schaeffer), the hover flies, Allograpta oblique (Say) and Mesograpta sp., the anthocorid, Orius insidious (Say), and spiders.