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Sol Pictor often emphasises the newness or novelty of its subject, and the poet reflects on the challenge he has undertaken: "Quam sit difficile antiquis exsolvere dictis" ("How difficult it is to explain in ancient diction" 45).
The corrections of promtiorem to promptiorem and assumsi to assumpsi (78), exolvere to exsolvere (214), and concilium to consilium (344), among others, all violate her own principle, since the features they represent can be found in her list of typical deviations from classical usage, and accordingly could not be called 'clear misspellings.
25) The phrase conectere rem suggests a physical coercion of the intellectual matter, and the notion is sustained throughout the second book by such verbs as tango, exsolvere, cogo, discutiant, and pango,(26) most of which can have for their subjects both the poet's logic and the principles of nature, and which there-fore might be said to have been transferred from the material to the mental sphere, were it not that for Lucretius the two spheres are the same.