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Of this number, 24 species were found to be extant (either collected alive or as freshly dead shells) and seven were only found as weathered or subfossil shells (Table 2).
While it is crucial that a discussion about staging conventions concern itself with how performance space is employed in practice, the extant evidence in this area is complicated since some practices--such as the use of pageant vehicles or platform stages--are specifically linked to particular performances or texts, and as such Butterworth's discussion can only cover a limited number of examples.
Judging from the customer response we got to Under the Dome last summer, we know Prime members are going to enjoy having access to Extant just four days after it airs on CBS, said Brad Beale, Director of Digital Video Content Acquisition for Amazon.
Amazon plans to show Extant on its film and TV streaming service Amazon Prime Instant Video (APIV), formerly known as Lovefilm, from July 10 - the day after the US premiere on CBS.
Amazon plan to show Extant on their film and TV streaming service Amazon Prime Instant Video (APIV), formerly known as Lovefilm, from July 10 - the day after the US premiere on jointly to CBS.
Construction of greenway-cycle/ pedestrian path along corridor of disused railway (application to replace an extant planning permission in order to extend time limit for implementation of 09/01179), Disused Railway Line, Green Lane, Greetland.
Nearby Mayan era wonders include Chichen Itza, the most popular excursion from Cancun, and the closer Tulum, Mexico's only extant beachfront ruins.
Both books are organised in the same way, with descriptive chapters on the main works and a gazetteer of all the London jobs recorded in the Soane archives at the Museum: unbuilt, destroyed and still extant.
Extant leadership literature demonstrates many aspects of downward influence from leader to follower.
This is the first fossil record of the extant genus Quamtana, extending its known geological range by 53 Mega-annums (Ma).
Van Dalen's Zij Survey is planned to include at least the following: A complete list of all zijes now known, with information in a standardized form on the author and the locality and time of compilation, references to primary and secondary literature, and, for the extant works, a table of contents and description of available manuscript sources; descriptions of the ways in which various topics in zijes were treated in the course of the history of Islamic astronomy.
The fact that Control Data is no longer extant roots the book firmly in the past; what Price did 20 years ago is hard to relate to any ongoing success.