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(2) The extraordinary extemporal style of Richard Tarleton was well-known in his time.
Interlude, paralude, play, jig, "themes," debate, arraignment, scolding bout, wrestling match, prizefight, bearbait, pantomime, recital, prose, verse, extemporal, rehearsed: these are the various modes against which Taylor and Fennor define their activity, and the cultural frames of reference needed to comprehend it.
(37) What set the great divas apart from the common players was their 'sharper spirit', elegant poetry, and graceful extemporal playing.
(7) The Cause is the Cause for Chocolate, a selected few who want to swamp society with chocolate, and battle in an extemporal worldwide struggle with those who want to prohibit chocolate consumption.
El neofito administra sus ingresos al espacio interactivo virtual en el momento mas apropiado (a modo de acceder sin la presion de un horario), desde lugares remotos, y se dispone a concertar las actividades formativas dentro de su interes investigativo bajo el acompanamiento del tutor, quien ejecuta su rol de manera "extemporal" con excepcion de actividades como los chat y algunos foros, cuya naturaleza precisa el desarrollo en "tiempo real".
Thus it qualifies as improvisation in action, as an extemporal act relying on the shared availability of all external signs impacting the inner world of the poet and manifesting itself in a responsive mode, which ultimately leaves behind the poetic creation in the linguistic signs.
Alan Velie argues that the "adventure-time" chronotope operates in ways akin to the machinations of the Native American trickster novel, which echoes aboriginal oral traditions: time is static, characters do not develop (or age) and an "extemporal hiatus" replaces the presumptive change associated with the movement of narrative time (123-24; c.f.
Junto con ese desafio al orgullo de lector, se abre otro igualmente tentador para el escritor en germen: mimetizar el gesto del autor, declararse a si mismo un autor fuera de moda, extemporal.
"If [God] ask me an Idea of my prayers," he questions, "shall I not be able to say, It is that which thy word, and thy Catholic Church hath imprinted in me?" Praying spontaneously, Donne contends, not only severs the worshipers' ties to the Church but also jeopardizes their chances for salvation: But if I come to pray or to preach without this kind of Idea, if I come to extemporal prayer, and extemporal preaching, I shall come to an extemporal faith, and extemporal religion; and then I must look for an extemporal Heaven, a Heaven to be made for me; for to that Heaven which belongs to the Catholic Church, I shall never come, except I go by the way of the Catholic Church, by former Ideas, former examples, former patterns.
He cites scholars who hold that mythic events in Vedic texts, in particular the Rg Vedic story of Indra's freeing of the waters, are constantly repeated and observes that one use of the Vedic injunctive is to indicate such extemporal events.
This, Barbour explains, leads to "the extemporal invention or venting of a somatic prose that is elastic as well as material" (67).