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In its favor, it is an engaging and unusually detailed conversation, exploring topics far more deeply than Judt could do in debates or media interviews, Judt's gift for exceptionally clear writing extended to speaking extemporaneously.
Without practice in developing effective collaboration and communication skills, including the ability to speak extemporaneously and defend positions and answer questions on the spot, graduate-prepared nurses may not be adequately prepared to be successful team players and deliver professional presentations and proposals to management or to stakeholders.
At the ANU bookshop reading, she had to speak and read extemporaneously.
Both groups receiving pronunciation instruction showed improvement when reading individual sentences aloud, but only the group that had suprasegmental instruction showed improvement when speaking extemporaneously.
The SPEAK test (Educational Testing Service 1996) is a standardized performance test which captures ITAs' ability to respond extemporaneously to twelve tasks for between 30-90 seconds apiece.
This had misled those in the audience into thinking that he was speaking extemporaneously, a skill that is highly regarded in India.
This had misled his audience into thinking that he was speaking extemporaneously, a skill that is highly regarded in India.
There are attorneys who can examine witnesses extemporaneously, without written aids, but their number is small.
In the early church the liturgy was led extemporaneously by the bishop, according to a pattern.
Moving from one to another might be more like an actor taking on diametrically different roles in separate acts of a single play, magnified by the fact that each role has to be played extemporaneously, without memorized lines.
When she spoke to three hundred fourth- and fifth-graders at the University of Oklahoma last October, she decided to forego the usual keynote lecture behind a lectern; instead, she surrounded herself by the schoolchildren, encouraged them to pose their questions first, and then spoke extemporaneously about the art and craft of "storybooks.
Regev said the premier was speaking extemporaneously in his English address to diaspora Jewish leaders, and that there was no change to Israel's strategic view on its arch-foe.