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There is no denying that Extempore was ahead of its time in its destruction of the accepted patterns of the time (or by paring the m down to the bone) and in its power of expression.
Later sermons were not written out by Schweitzer, but were delivered extempore, transcriptions being made simultaneously by European members of his congregations who took advantage of pauses provided by the translation, sentence by sentence, into the two local African languages.
I claim that elegiac song arose from the soul's strongest and most wholesome emotions, that is, from its pity and tears; further, that an extempore song unquestionably merits greater credit and admiration than one carefully composed (81-83).
In Day, Rowley, and Wilkins' The Travels of the Three English Brothers, Shirley asks Kemp to collaborate in an extempore bout with "Harlequin and his wife"--a face-off Kemp wins by playing dumb about the Italian practice of using actresses to play women's parts.
WIDELY RECOGNIZED in academic circles as an architectural polymath, Sanford Kwinter is famous among students for beginning each semester by first asking his classes what they would like him to teach, and then, regardless of subject, assigning reading material and speaking extempore with the kind of accessible erudition most scholars and theorists have long abandoned.
Events such as kathaprasangam, extempore dance and swathi sangeetham also made their presence felt as first timers.
Competitions include extempore speech (Malayalam), light music (Malayalam), recitation, mono act (boys), mono act (Girls), classical music (boys), classical music (girls), mimicry (boys), mimicry (girls), Bharathanatyam (girls), Mohiniyattam (girls), folk dance (Boys), folk dance (girls), group dance (girls), Oppana (girls), Margamkali (girls), Thiruvathira (girls), cinematic dance (boys), cinematic dance (girls), group patriotic song (common) and group song (common).
This is quite preposterous; for anyone who cannot recall something (especially a brief, extempore blessing) after ten minutes is unlikely to be able to do so after a half hour or even an hour.
Delivering his first Independence Day speech from the sandstone ramparts of the 17th century Red Fort, Prime Minister Narendra Modi reaffirmed his pact with the nation with an extempore speech of just over an hour.
The comments were particularly caustic when comparing Sharif's apparent struggle to get it right, with the US President's characteristic eloquence while talking extempore.
In an extempore speech, King Abdullah thanked all those who prayed for his quick recovery.
Eoe1/4EoWe have included new competition categories this year, which are Kathaprasangam, extempore dance and Swathi Sangeetham,Eoe1/4A[yen] added the convenor.