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"The figure is more perfect; as the bos, meaning the ox, is unable to perpetuate his kind; and the bos, in its most extended meaning, or vacca, is altogether the nobler animal of the two."
The pilot and one of the witnesses added the wind sock was fully extended meaning the wind was more than 20 knots or 37kmh.
I see the necessity of learning and committing ourselves to this extended meaning of freedom as school children and beyond.
We avoid food poisoning, smelling to check if food is malansa ( the primary meaning pertains to the smell of fish, but the extended meaning refers to spoiled food).
The distinction between the two matters more when considering cases involving a trademark's extended meaning, as explained below.
Norma also had the extended meaning of "standard" or "pattern." Similarly, normalis, the Latin adjective formed from norma, had the literal meaning "forming a right angle," and by the Late Latin period the extended sense "according to rule." It is from this meaning that we derive most of the English senses of normal.
The term "ecumenical" (oikumene) has a noble Greek pedigree (oikos, "house," from oikein, "to inhabit"), meaning "the whole inhabited world," that is, "universal," as in, for example, "Ecumenical Councils" of the Christian Church, in contrast to "Provincial Councils." Another extended meaning was created when the Protestant "World Missionary Conference," meeting in Edinburgh in 1910, launched the "Ecumenical Movement," (1) that is, the move to reunite in some substantive way Christianity into one community, an Oikumene.
(10) Neither by academic attainment, social or political status and influence, by outlook, age or generation would Leach be included within even an extended meaning of Said's criticism.
And with the new footprint of the site extending backwards on to an erstwhile car park, the backstage space has been extended meaning there's room to swing more than one cat now which will come as a pleasant surprise to performers.
Leon Barnett's loan deal from Norwich has been extended meaning he should feature.
It was very different from Haiti or the floods in Thailand and Pakistan, especially in those global disasters that have extended meaning for global, how to stay involved in them, learn from them, and apply things to Sandy," Rea said.

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