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Huck's is certainly a spatial sensibility, but it is marked by immediacy, tangibility, connectivity, grounded-ness, situatedness, referentiality and connectivity--as against tangentiality, extendedness, mobility, distantiality, boundlessness and vastness.
While Herakles zealously declares that a photograph is "just a bunch of light hitting a plate" (71), for Geryon the photograph strives to capture living memories and the extendedness of time--conveying a sense of becoming, recording a life that could never be conceived as static being.
As that claustrophobic unit, the nuclear family was being carved out of a much larger family aggregate, photography came along to memorialise, to restate symbolically, the imperiled continuity and vanishing extendedness of family life.
In all these cases, a fundamental problem is how actions determined from within consciousness can take place in natural actuality as the sort of actions that they need to be, and one of the factors contributing to this problem is the temporal extendedness of an action and its rootedness in the past.
Thus, the notion of family extendedness was culturally normative for this family, as was the idea that one does not create one's own home until one has a marriage partner.
These are the questions regarding the spatial extendedness and relatedness of material things, and whether these properties can be regarded as primitive or whether they in fact presuppose space as a 'container' of material things.
Results indicated that extendedness and frequency are associated with joint cooperation.
They include the extendedness of the member polities, proportional representation of the member polities within the federal government, and legislation whose reach extends to citizens and not just to member polities.

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