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The combination of TIBCO and Extensibility will allow the next evolutionary step of XML, enabling companies to build more robust e-businesses that operate in real-time.
Extensibility strategic partnerships include leading companies such as Microsoft, Commerce One, Software AG, BroadVision/Interleaf, and PricewaterhouseCoopers.
We are enthusiastic about the opportunity to work alongside Extensibility to offer the XML community exciting complementary technologies.
The elastomeric second side panel contains a second waist panel that includes a second waist panel member having a third direction of extensibility when a force is applied to the multiple component elastomeric second side panel.
NOTE: TIBCO, TIBCO ActiveEnterprise, TIBCO ActiveExchange, TIBCO ActivePortal, TIBCO Extensibility, The Information Bus and TIB are trademarks or registered trademarks of TIBCO Software Inc.
TIBCO's Extensibility client interface Turbo XML is also required.
The announcement reflects the company's strategy to deliver greater integration and extensibility for Phase Forward customers through adapters.
TIBCO's Upcoming Extensibility Products Will Support the XML Schema Standard
Turbo XML provides organizations a strategic platform to design and implement their XML applications," said Reid Conrad, president and CEO, Extensibility, Inc.
Asare also cites Pactolus' efficient and highly manageable foot print, easy integration within existing data and wireless infrastructures, extensibility, and its overall market vision and support as key advantages.
Addressing this challenge and underscoring its commitment to delivering the best possible user interface, Oracle has extended the simplicity, mobility, and extensibility of the Oracle applications user experience.

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