extension of credit

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Amitabh Kant, CEO, Niti Aayog also suggested in a discussion that Direct Benefit Transfer and UPI will create a vast trail of data and will allow data analysis leading to an extension of credit to the unbanked sector.
The company attracted customers through its website and sales calls, at times targeting consumers who had recently sought to obtain a mortgage, loan, refinancing, or other extension of credit.
M2 EQUITYBITES-July 18, 2016-Bellatrix updates renewal and extension of credit facility
ISLAMABAD -- Minister for Finance Senator Mohammad Ishaq Dar on Tuesday directed financial institutions to simplify their business processes for extension of credit to farmers.
aACoeThe outcome of this study will go a long way in creating a sound and fair extension of credit to businesses and consumers because lending institutions will have access to credit information of clients,aACA[yen] Matambo told parliament.
However, the UAE Banks Federation has correctly pointed out that the implementation of too strict restrictions on the extension of credit will deprive those in need of credit of an important source of funding.
In larger states like France, where such assemblies met only occasionally, or where institutional barriers existed either to the extension of credit or oversight and administration of loans, credit was not so easily accessible and was more costly.
Extension of credit to small and medium-sized businesses within the scope of the state support programme being implemented by the Novosibirsk Region Small and Medium-sized Business Development Fund is being carried out by the Bank of Moscow in accordance with an Agreement on Co-operation concluded in June this year between the Bank of Moscow and the Government of the Novosibirsk Region.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-May 21, 2012--Washington REIT secures two-year extension of credit facility from lenders(C)2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
Were conditions to deteriorate, the Federal Reserve has a range of tools available to provide an effective liquidity backstop for such institutions and is prepared to use these tools as needed to support financial stability and to promote the extension of credit to U.
He argues that the required ingredients for African economic development and competitiveness are no mystery and lays out a recipe that includes embracing globalization, liberalizing access, widening the tax base, backing private sector-led schemes for food security, public service reform and deregulation, expanding the labor market by removing government from negotiations between business and employees, use of fiscal incentives for investors, keeping the currency weak to encourage exports, and extension of credit.
While closing the Cuba-South Africa Business Forum in Havana, Zuma also announced extension of credit guarantees to the value of 70 million rands, which will back South African exports to the island.