extension of credit

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Contract awarded for Extension of credit classroom photovoltaic power generation equipment purchase installation restriction competitive bidding announcement
Receiving board and management members of NDIC in his office last weekend, Osinbajo said it was desirous for millions of poor Nigerians to be empowered through the extension of credit.
Net proceeds from the offering, together with proceeds from the initial extension of credit under the New ABL Credit Facility, may be used by the company to redeem all of its outstanding 12.75% senior secured second lien notes due 2021, repay all obligations outstanding, terminate all commitments under its existing USD225.0m asset-based revolving credit facility and its existing USD75.0m accounts receivable securitization programme as well as for general corporate purposes.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-December 21, 2018-CLX Communications completes expansion and extension of credit facilities
The analyst also maintains his view that Square's "increasing dependence on the extension of credit to its customers" has made its business model more vulnerable to credit market volatility.
Bhushan said the CBI PE into over-valuation and over-invoicing, coupled with the extension of credit facilities, was also against PSBs.
Amitabh Kant, CEO, Niti Aayog also suggested in a discussion that Direct Benefit Transfer and UPI will create a vast trail of data and will allow data analysis leading to an extension of credit to the unbanked sector.
The unexpected victory of Donald Trump in the US presidential election this week has prompted questions over how much voters were swayed by inaccurate or misleading news items shared on Facebook, mostly in favour of Trump.Facebook will disable use of the advertising tool, called ethnic affinities,' for ads that offer housing, employment and the extension of credit areas where certain groups have historically faced discrimination, Facebook said in a blog post.
Specifically, they've raised the possibility that some advertisers might use these segments to run ads that discriminate against people, particularly in areas where certain groups have historically faced discrimination - housing, employment and the extension of credit," Erin Egan, Facebook's vice president on U.S.
The crisis actually was international in nature and began in the USA as a result of the over extension of credit by banking organisations.
* Lending of money or other extension of credit between a plan and a disqualified person;
Examples of community development loans cited by examiners included Bank's partnership and leadership role with a consortium of 29 financial institutions that offers flexible financing for new construction or rehabilitation of multifamily affordable-housing development projects; its leadership role in the creation of a small business loan pool in response to community needs; and its extension of credit with flexible terms to support a local city government in the acquisition and rehabilitation of targeted single-family properties.