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The extensive timeline, as well as the glossary, index, and future research ideas (listing children's book and Web sites), make this activity book a great resource.
For the pulp & paper industry, ABS offers an extensive range of various process pumps and agitators for all key processes in paper making.
Links at the upper left corner offer extensive pull-down menus organized under a single word or phrase.
To accomplish this extensive transformation, multiple legacy personnel and payroll systems will be replaced with a fully integrated system.
Franciscan missionaries established an extensive chain of missions, Spanish entrepreneurs established ranches and farms.
The editor's extensive apparatus identifies and quotes the Greek (or Latin) sources of many passages.
With the extensive infrastructure in place, 3000 Continental is a very attractive alternative to new construction.
She has an extensive customer service/management background, and most recently worked at Cendant Corp.
However, the results do not tell the homeowner how extensive the exposure to mold is in the home, only how many are on the small area sampled.

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