extensive flood

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Islamabad -- Serena Hotels, under the banner of its Social Environmental and Educational Development Program has launched an extensive Flood Relief campaign to support affectees by contributing double the amount collected from guests at the rate of 5% on the restaurant bill amount.
Enormous areas of crops and apple orchards sustained extensive flood damage," he said.
Description : The Finnell Culvert at Beard Ditch is part of the extensive flood control management (DF-0002) plan for Hopper Creek and the Napa River.
One of those structures is Crabtree Valley Mall, which suffered extensive flood damage from Hurricane Fran.
Due to continuous day and night extensive flood relief operations, despite experiencing technical / logistic problems, PN personnel have so far rescued over 2000 personnel from Nowshera Kalan.
For extensive flood health, safety and cleanup information, go to the Health Department website at healthvermont.
Mrs Kamal Juss prosecuting told the court Handley-Pearson had ripped out the toilet system in the bathroom causing extensive flood damage to the ceiling below.
Dale Gibson, Dean McKeown and Paul Mulrennan rode horses supplied by Alan McCabe in a gallop on the course, which is due to stage racing for the first time in six months a week today after being closed due to extensive flood damage.
The lease was meant to go ahead last September but extensive flood damage and a break-in causing damage to fittings and part of the building stopped the rent plans in their tracks.
A joint venture of Atkins and Stantec has been selected by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to provide services for the agency s extensive flood risk mapping and hazard mitigation programs a multi-pronged effort to help communities identify and understand the risks that natural and manmade disasters pose to infrastructure and buildings.
Residents were evacuated, some of them for a long period of time, while the clean-up took place and Redcar and Cleveland Council built extensive flood defences along the beck.
Coun Morgan said: "As a council we are doing all we can to implement this extensive flood alleviation scheme.