extensive flood

See: cataclysm
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However, what the latest predictions certainly do is to heighten awareness for improved sea defences along our coastline, and more extensive flood defences along our rivers.
A TYNESIDE hospital has suffered extensive flood damage after the latest in a string of thefts.
Extensive flood warnings were in place across most of the country last night.
Dozens of residential streets in Rupert will be rebuilt or repaved this summer as the city wrestles with extensive flood damage from February 2017 and a road maintenance backlog of a dozen or more years.<br />"This road construction season will be the largest in Rupert's history," said Roger Davis, Rupert's public works director.<br />The worst damaged streets will be reconstructed to the subsurface and lesser damaged streets will be repaved.
Fingers are being pointed at Houston's liberal developement policy as part of the reason for the extensive flood damage produced by Hurricane Harvey.
Seven communities in the wider region were cut off by floods, with extensive flood damage.
The building, a 1.6-millionsquare-foot Class-A office tower leased by the Metropolitan Transit Authority, suffered extensive flood damage when Superstorm Sandy struck the city in October of 2012.
Islamabad -- Serena Hotels, under the banner of its Social Environmental and Educational Development Program has launched an extensive Flood Relief campaign to support affectees by contributing double the amount collected from guests at the rate of 5% on the restaurant bill amount.
Enormous areas of crops and apple orchards sustained extensive flood damage," he said.
One of those structures is Crabtree Valley Mall, which suffered extensive flood damage from Hurricane Fran.
Due to continuous day and night extensive flood relief operations, despite experiencing technical / logistic problems, PN personnel have so far rescued over 2000 personnel from Nowshera Kalan.
Despite initial objections by trust members to plans to use the playing field for an extensive flood defence barrier, EA Wales used legal powers to take control of the land in 2009..

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