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In addition to the specific traumatic history, pain and swell, the patients with injuries of extensor mechanisms must have troubles in extending the corresponding joint even the whole finger actively.
We observed mainly two different extension and growth patterns of the tumor (see Figure 1): 11 patients showed an intra-articular expansion of the tumor mass with contamination of the joint cavity, whereas in 6 patients the soft tissue sarcoma has its base on the anterior surface of the extensor mechanism and expands towards the skin.
Extensor mechanism deficit can occur concomitantly in patients with a tibial tubercle avulsion fracture due to patellar tendon rupture [9].
In the other two patients, a rupture of the extensor mechanism occurred.
The traditional Thompson quadricepsplasty, which has a history of more than 50 years, is called lysis of the extensor mechanism, but serious surgical trauma has remained.
As such the semitendinosus and gracilis tendon represent an alternative auto graft donor material that may be used for the reconstruction of ACL without disturbance of the extensor mechanism. The autologous quadriceps tendon is thought to come somewhere in between the bone patellar tendon bone graft and the hamstring tendon graft in terms of donor site morbidity and the strength of the graft fixation.
Absolute contraindications are stable and painless arthrodesis, active sepsis, unrecoverable injury of extensor mechanism [5, 43].
On this presentation, examination revealed that she had a marked knee effusion with a functional extensor mechanism and a range of motion from 0-60 degrees.
En-bloc resection of the tumour was performed with reconstruction of the extensor mechanism by quadriceps turndown.
Chapters explain revision total knee arthroplasty and its basic principles, preoperative planning, exposure, prosthesis selection, periprosthetic knee infections, management of bone loss and extensor mechanism disruption after total knee arthroplasty, and step-by-step instructions for the surgical management of arthroplasty after infection, for periprosthetic fracture, and for instability, with operative photos and images.

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