extent of authority

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Yet the theoretic principles, as they were drawn into discussion, could not fail to arrest their attention, and must have assisted them to form accurate ideas concerning the origin and extent of authority among men, independent of positive institutions.
If the DA has no extent of authority over these workers, we cannot expect that our programs from the DA will be felt there,' Sangcopan said.
Also unclear is the DICT's extent of authority over other components of the ICT sector such as telecommunications and broadcast information operators, ICT equipment manufacturers, multimedia content developers, IT solution providers, internet service providers, ICT training institutions, software developers, and ICT-ES providers.
Clarifying the extent of authority of gambling regulators, particularly with regard to online gambling, would not just help suppress unauthorized gambling activities, it would also help ensure that the regulators act within the bounds of their mandates, it added.
The IRS argued that in the case of an LLP or LLC, the availability of this exception depends on the extent of authority and control that the LLP or LLC member enjoys.
The scope and extent of authority of this commission will be to look into the facts and figures and circumstances leading to the killing of Benazir Bhutto.
The court explains that since the government is a "public entity," its representatives presumably act publicly, and individuals dealing with the government are presumed to understand the extent of authority of a government agent.
First, Gardner says, search your state's constitutional history and context for evidence of the extent of authority granted to state courts to be "agents of federalism," able to act independently of the federal judiciary and the other branches of state government in order to check their power.
The law calls for establishing a federal system, defines Islam as Iraq's official religion and a source for legislation and includes rights for women but sidesteps decisions on a number of issues, including drawing boundaries for each federal state and defining the extent of authority held by regional governments.
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The whaling and the antiwhaling camp are divided by two sticking points: the extent of authority to be exercised by international monitors onboard whaling ships and the issue of who should pay for the monitor operation.
The member countries are expected to continue discussions on the issue, in particular over the extent of authority to be exercised by international monitors on board whaling ships and the issue of who should bear the costs of monitoring.