extent of surface

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Score Damage description 0 Surface not affected by damage type 1 Extent of surface affected: 0 < x < 30% 2 Extent of surface affected: 30 [less than or equal to] x < 60% 3 Extent of surface affected: x [greater than or equal to] 60%
As the 17-4PH surface is not coated, the extent of surface polishing is relatively high.
Volkert, President and CEO of Paget, stated, "The goals of the integrated 2012 program implemented and supervised by Blue Gold Mining were twofold: to drill deeper into the roots of the Main Gold-Copper Porphyry system than in previous campaigns, and to drill outside the current aerial extent of surface alteration and mineralization.
Depending on the extent of surface scaling, the only surface preparation would entail pressure washing."
FTIR/ATR is a method developed to measure the carbonyl chemical functionality (1715 [cm.sup.-1]) at the pipe's surface in order to understand the extent of surface oxidation.
Estimation of the extent of surface attachment Gravimetric analysis for extent of attachment (ASTM E 1131)
This method consists of measuring the contact angle of two or more liquids on the surface of polymers solids and from it we can find the extent of surface modification.
The amount of water required to totally cover a coating surface will depend on the coating chemistry, surfactants used in the formulation, and the extent of surface oxidation.
A physiochemical analysis of the casein and whey protein fractions showed an increase in the extent of surface hydrophobicity and denaturation, and a decrease in lysine concentration when using a higher heat treatment.
This article is intended to introduce the potential extent of surface drain enclosures by examining one sub-basin in Ontario and to present findings from a literature review, conducted in 2004, on the effects of the enclosure of agricultural surface drains.
The stability of dsDNA is also dependent on nearest-neighbour interactions and interactions with the substrate surface, and is related to the extent of surface occupancy by ssDNA and dsDNA.
Unlike photos taken from planes, this method can show the aerial extent of surface water over a broad region, according to scientists with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in Camp Springs, Md.