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Lib Dem leader Tim Farron said: "The trauma of sexual violence is immeasurable and I worry that universities are not being clear in the extenuating circumstances for students.
A clearly-worded clause in the code of practice on extenuating circumstances would confirm that students are able to seek academic support from a welfare or personal tutor, ensuring their academic performance will not suffer while they begin their recovery.
First we go to the regions and have them find out if there was an extenuating circumstance.
Mr Morris said the majority of appeals involved students who experienced extenuating circumstances during exam and coursework periods, such as a bereavement.
This is a clear case for extenuating circumstances.
The judge freed Kenneth Blight, 51, saying there were exceptional and extenuating circumstances.
With the extenuating circumstances, we would certainly offer our support to that.
There were extenuating circumstances: both opposition sides were gearing up to launch their Premier League's Northern Division season this weekend while the Sky Blues girls have a month to prepare for their Midland Combination challenge.
There are those who think life should mean life unless there are extenuating circumstances.
While outsiders may have envied Sontag's life of relative privilege, they did not know that her father micromanaged every aspect of her existence by laying down a rigid set of comprehensive rules to which she was expected to adhere, no matter what extenuating circumstances might intervene.
I guess the board may be granting lots of nurses an extension for extenuating circumstances.
For example, your policy might state that you will consider your employee to have voluntarily resigned after three consecutive "no call, no shows," unless there are extenuating circumstances.