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Another of Allen's limp extenuations is that other Catholic organizations, such as Catholic Action, served the Franco regime, too.
one of rape and domination, women appear as mere objects of possession, vessels into which the men pour their anger and frustration, extenuations of the feelings and acts of war.
Unfortunately for Liverpool, noone's listening to the extenuations any more.
For all of his extenuations, Wolff recognizes that something did go woefully askew with O'Hara and his work.
This section authorizes a court to dismiss a prosecution if, inter alia, the defendant's conduct actually caused or threatened the harm sought to be prevented "to an extent too trivial to warrant the condemnation of conviction" or "presents such other extenuations that it cannot reasonably be regraded as envisaged by the legislature in forbidding the offense.
Despite later literati extenuations, in reality a group of subjects had, for the first time, rebelled against the legitimate king (rather than against a usurper as in 1460) and had set up his replacement to suit their own convenience.