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There is something so massive, stable, and almost irresistibly imposing in the exterior presentment of established rank and great possessions, that their very existence seems to give them a right to exist; at least, so excellent a counterfeit of right, that few poor and humble men have moral force enough to question it, even in their secret minds.
George Morton was far from possessing the elegant exterior of the uneasy observer of this scene, yet were the eyes of the lovely young woman who had caught his attention, fixed in evident delight on his person, until it was hid from view in the carriage; when, drawing a long breath, as if relieved from great uneasiness, she said, in a low voice--
She admired Tom for his exterior, but the admiration of no moderately sensible woman could overlook rodomontade so exceedingly desperate.
There was much even in the appearance of Toby calculated to draw me towards him, for while the greater part of the crew were as coarse in person as in mind, Toby was endowed with a remarkably prepossessing exterior.
A look of severity, or harshness even, a sort of stiffness, which, with inferiors, was pride, with superiors an affectation of superior virtue; a surly cast of countenance upon all occasions, even when looking at himself in a glass alone -- such is the exterior of this personage.
The interior balloon was fastened to the exterior one, in such manner as to be lifted up in the same way.
It is hard that a man's exterior should tally so little sometimes with his soul.
No, it was not only that gay, kind, and frank look, not only that handsome exterior, that I loved in him.
Way down underneath that frivolous exterior of yours you've got a dear, loyal, womanly little soul.
Just like a human, with his five senses he contacted with the world exterior to him.
He was of the iron of which martyrs are made, but in the heart of the matrix had lurked a nobler metal, fusible at a milder heat, yet never coloring nor softening the hard exterior.
The center of this wooden disc was hollowed out to a diameter equal to the exterior diameter of the Columbiad.