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All game birds, including several rare species, will have to be exterminated to ensure that aircraft can land and depart safely.
Dr Who's deadly adversaries, the Daleks, have exterminated former Coronation Street character Ena Sharples in the battle to appear on Royal Mail Millennium stamps, it was revealed today
If we answer in the affirmative to this question, then we must also ask ourselves whether we should also include other memorials at the national war museum of other victims of the holocaust who were exterminated en masse by the same Nazi regime.
The result: These animals have been exterminated broadly -- usually poisoned at federal expense.
You are the enemy of Daleks and you will be exterminated.
The news comes after the team successfully exterminated a rabbit causing thousands of pounds of damage to a war memorial at Edinburgh Castle.
Jude's own family and home are destroyed by a dragon, just as most believe the dragons have been exterminated decades before.
5 million Armenians were exterminated at the hands of the Ottoman Empire between 1915 and 1923.
Comets and meteors striking the earth frequently during its early history may have repeatedly exterminated the first living cells from the planet, forcing life to originate over and over again, according to two earth scientists who have examined the record of craters on both earth and the moon.
What offends the surviving Abenaki Indians (including Bruchac and his family) is how the raiders are portrayed as heroes and that the white people had reported that this raid effectively exterminated the Abenaki people.