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R], recognized domestically and abroad for bed bug extermination equipment, is offering the KleenJet[R] Supreme 3000CVP steam cleaning machine for pest control.
Today is a solemn occasion on which to commemorate those whose lives were taken in Auschwitz and other Nazi extermination camps,'' according a statement released by Sok An, chairman of a government task force on a proposed U.
Recalling that some two-thirds of European Jews were killed at Auschwitz and other extermination camps along with communists, disabled people, homosexuals and prisoners of war, he said, ''At the end of World War II, as the survivors emerged from those camps, the world pledged 'never again.
Sporadic extermination programs performed by the City are not sufficient to stem this tide.
Adding this component would mean that an exterminator must be brought in, traps have to be set and baited and a period of time must pass to ensure successful extermination.
My research of Foreign Office files and of the periodical the Polish Fortnightly Review at the Polish Library, has revealed beyond question that the British government knew of the grisly role that Auschwitz-Birkenau played in the Holocaust by December 1942, the month that Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden declared in Parliament that the planned systematic extermination of Europe's Jews was being executed by the Nazis.
This is significant as either Bracken defied the ruling which forbade mentioning Jews, or the extermination of Jewry was no longer considered propaganda, as he declared that 700,000 Jews had been murdered in Poland, which was the `beginning of wholesale extermination of the Jews'.
From the very beginning of the Nazi occupation in September 1939, the Polish people were selected for removal and displacement, and the Polish intelligensia marked for extermination.
It was because of this large Jewish population, not because of Polish feelings, that the Nazis located the extermination camps in Oswiecim and Bzrezinka.