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The findings suggest a new strategy that exterminators might use for "messing up the colony's structure," Henderson says.
ALONG A SECTION OF the Exterminator at Kennywood Amusement Park, riders in cars roll toward what park electrical director Bill Marvenko calls the "infinite track mirror trick.
The insects swarmed kitchens, food and beds at the Stirling University halls of residence but exterminators failed to get rid of them.
com)-- Atlanta-based Arrow Exterminators, a full-service pest and termite control company, is proud to announce the launch of their newly redesigned website - arrowexterminators.
Exterminators had told the manager to clean the area and put down mice traps but the advice was ignored.
Cape Town has been plagued by rats and the government, worried there will be more rodents than fans, have agreed to shell out pounds 120,000 to exterminators.
The Insectron range of insect exterminators from Berson proved a big draw at this year's PestEx exhibition in Birmingham.
Sandidge began his recent work after hearing that some exterminators urge people to starve the brown recluse spiders by killing all the insects in their homes.
For termites, many exterminators now use heat, electricity (the Electro-Gun), or cold to kill colonies.
This burgeoning population is being seen by the exterminators, who are getting more calls to get rid of the rats.