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The count's tutor, a man of the world and a bon vivant, up to his eyes in learning, as his pupil described him, often recalled the profound erudition, the witty and caustic satire of Athos to Raoul; but as regarded grace, delicacy, and nobility of external appearance, no one in these points was to be compared to the Comte de la Fere.
Winkle, being engaged in the city as agent or town correspondent of his father, exchanged his old costume for the ordinary dress of Englishmen, and presented all the external appearance of a civilised Christian ever afterwards.
That the fertility of hybrids is not related to the degree in which they resemble in external appearance either parent.
Vanstone's youngest daughter ran up to him at headlong speed, with every external appearance of having suddenly taken leave of her senses.
So little faith is due to external appearance, that there was really an inviting aspect over the venerable edifice, conveying an idea that its history must be a decorous and happy one, and such as would be delightful for a fireside tale.
It was a great dingy house with a quantity of dim side window and blank back premises, and it cost his mind a world of trouble so to lay it out as to account for everything in its external appearance.
Maylie was every ready and collected: performing all the duties which had devolved upon her, steadily, and, to all external appearances, even cheerfully.
Don't let this classic property's external appearance fool you though as inside it is full of quirky and interesting spaces.
Its external appearance has not changed significantly since the original, and design elements continue to serve very specific purposes giving the G-Class its unique appearance.
Its external appearance has not changed significantly since the original and design elements continue to serve very specific purposes giveng give the G-Class its unique appearance.
The proposal seeks to bring the building back into use, for which purpose limited external alterations are proposed to the layout and external appearance of the building.
The model has received a dynamic facelift, giving it a more stylishly rugged external appearance, plus an upgrade to its interior to further boost comfort and safety.

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