external aspect

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FOREIGN policy is the external aspect of national policy.
Theres an external aspect to the job, they are frequently the face of the firm within the city of that particular office, McGee said.
I want to be an ambassador for the complete woman and be able to show the world that beauty is more than an external aspect," Royo says on her profile page.
FOLLOW UP: The patients were instructed to do digital massage on external aspect of sac and alkaline nasal douch every morning for 2 weeks following surgery to prevent crusting and good healing.
Autobiography is an external aspect of the text that we demand as somehow fundamental for understanding what the text says.
The document does not propose any innovative measures with respect to the external aspect of the future plan, which London says should run for 25 years.
The other is external aspect which relates to Punjab police, embassy, staff, National Highway Authority and other institutions.
Functional benchmarking is a slight shift on external benchmarking that provides for the similar exclusion of a company's own existing policies and practices, but enhances the external aspect of the measurements by stretching outside of one's own industry.
Once the external aspect of the problem -- that is outside interference in the internal affairs of our country -- has been solved, then Afghanistan will be able to reach internal peace and stability.
Fulfilling EU policy on energy, as set in Article 194 of the treaty, requires an external aspect. This is understood much wider than the high' politics of EU leaders individually bargaining with Russian counterparts for energy deals.
First, the Global Peace Index (GPI) is a measure of the degree of a country's peacefulness and includes 24 indicators measuring both internal and external aspect of peace.

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