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A computed tomography (CT) examination showed the tympanic cavity and the bone of the external auditory canal were not involved (Fig.
Aspergillus niger grow in cerumen, epithelial scales and debris deep in external auditory canal.
CT demonstrated a soft-tissue density that had eroded the right superior wall of the external auditory canal, tympanic cavity, and tympanic antrum.
Most of the Squamous cell Carcinomas of the external auditory canal occur in the fifth and the sixth decade of life.
T cell non-Hodgkin's lymphoma of the external auditory canal [in Spanish], Acta Otorrinolaringol Esp 2008;59(4):200-1.
Testa JR, Fukuda Y, Kowalski LR Prognostic factors in carcinoma of the external auditory canal.
It occurs at five sites in the temporal bone the petrous apex, mastoid, middle ear, middle ear and mastoid and External Auditory canal.
CASE HISTORY: 18years old male presented with pedunculated firm painless swelling in left external auditory canal with blocking sensation and intermittent ear pain.
After taking the swabs, external auditory canal wall was cleaned by microscopic suction and then treated with topical antifungal agent(1%clotrimazole) and later followed up for a minimum of one week to 2 months for noting the clearance or recurrence of the disease.
Most commonly foreign bodies are present in the external auditory canal, which can be removed on outpatient basis or sometimes under general anesthesia.
We describe the case of a 23-month-old girl who presented with a single, large dermal inclusion cyst in the external auditory canal Our review of the literature revealed that only 2 other cases of a dermal inclusion cyst in this location have been previously reported.
In the head and neck area, there are many case reports on SFT of meninges (4), orbit (5), hypopharynx, parotid gland (6) and only one SFT arising in the entrance of left external auditory canal (7) has been reported in the literature.

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