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Since it is not tied to the proprietary systems of a certain storage manufacturer, external cache systems typically have a superior array of configuration options.
1 database) and Solaris(TM) 7 Operating Environment, was configured with 64 UltraSPARCTM II 400 MHZ CPUs, each including 8 MB external cache and 64 GB of memory combined with 9 Sun StorEdge A5200 modular disk arrays, totalling 2 TB of storage.
For high performance applications, the V340HPC supports an external cache for the MIPS 5000 series of processors.
Equipped with 2MB of external cache, the 64-bit, 440 MHz UltraSPARC-IIi processor supports four 32-bit PCI devices at 33 MHz to provide the COMPstation U10-440 with plenty of system flexibility.