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External cache systems generally support standard caching modes, such as write-through, write-back, and read-ahead.
In 1,000 unit quantities, the module, with 2 MBytes external cache, sells for $1,400.
The company's latest releases enhance NetScaler's core value proposition to deliver faster compression, improved web switching, enhanced Layer-7 security and support for secure caching with any external cache -- accelerating response times for application data that is encrypted from end-to-end.
System requirements include: Pentium II PC or better, 16MB RAM, 512K external cache, 2MB hard disk space, VGA monitor, video capture card, camera or digital video, parallel port/USB camera, sound card, speakers and microphone or headset, modem to modem connections and a 28.
Sun's faster, larger external cache and 24-bit graphics boards are an ideal solution for uses such as EDA, MCAD and digital content creation," added Dimsho.
Lookup Appliance, which acts as a large external cache that stores requested Web site URLs along with their Cerberian category rating.
Each system in the cluster consisted of 64 (336 MHz) UltraSPARC(TM) II CPUs with 4MB external cache, 16 GB of memory and ATM-622 connectivity.
Equipped with 8 MB of external cache per processor, the U1000T/1750 and U1000T/2750 deliver a system performance of 35 SPECint_95(a) per CPU and 65 SPECfp_95(a) per CPU.
In all models, faster processors, larger external cache, on-board 24-bit graphics, and faster, bigger hard drives generate the power required by users in EDA, MCAD, financial services, digital content creation, and other technical markets.